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    School of Vocational Technology, the former Fushun Coal Technical School, opened in March 1949. It originally belonged to Coal Industry Department and it is a national emphasizing technical secondary school. In August 2002, The Fushun Coal Technical School , approved by the Ministry of Education in Liaoning Province, merged into Liaoning Shihua University and was renamed “School of Vocational Technology of Liaoning Shihua University”. In 1999, the school began to recruit students in Higher technical and Vocational Education. At present, the school has over 3,800 students. There are 23 main majors, and they are the electric automatic technology, Detection technology and application, Machine and electricity integrative technology, Mechanical manufacture and automation, Mould design and making, Refrigeration technology, Auto check and services technology, Heat supply-ventilation and air-condition engineering technology, Computer network technology, Engineering finance, Engineering cost, Electron Business, Numerical Control technology, Building engineering technology, Environment monitor and services, Chemical equipment servicing technology, petrol-chemical producing technology, mining technique, Jointing and automation, Goods-circulating management, Software technology, Oil storage technology and security management and so on. Among them, “Numerical Control technology” is ensured as innovating experimental major of two-year Vocational Education by the Ministry of Education in China. “Machine and electricity integrative technology” is ensured as Provincial leading major by Liaoning Provincial Educational Office.
    Presently the school has over 137 faculty and staff, with 51 full professors and associate professors, occupying 37.2%, and with 47 teachers who have master’s degrees or getting the degrees, occupying 34.3%, “double-teaching” occupying more than 65%, these supply the strong ensures for cultivating higher qualifying applied technical talents.
    In our school, there are compete, good and advanced teaching equipments. There are 38 various laboratories and practice room,about 600 computers for different teaching uses, modernizing teaching equipments such as multimedia and audio-visual room. The fixed assets amount to more than 40 million yuan.
    With the building and development of the school, from the year 2006, our school gradually finished movement from the Nan Tai Area to the Main Campus. It integrates completely with the main campus in the institution, personnel and administer and so on., at the same time, our school keeps relative independence in teaching and experiment. In the recent years, our school has been emphasizing knowledge progress and the spirit progress, regarding that the skill development is as important as humanity, simultaneously carrying out canonical administers and humanity development, continuously building teaching atmosphere with special higher vocational educational features.
    Now all the teachers ,students and other staffs are carefully studying and carrying out the spirits of the first party member representatives meeting, holding high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theories and three-point important thoughts, preceding simultaneously with the times, exploiting and enterprising, striving for the great goal of building teaching-research university!